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Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween

Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and with it the spooky spirit! With haunted houses and scary films galore, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the fun. To help you stay safe this season, Electrical Estimates have some advice for things to consider so that your Halloween doesn’t become a true nightmare!


Halloween Safety Tips


Don’t overload your sockets!

It’s very easy to get caught up in decorating and forget that overloading sockets is a very real danger. Ensure you’re not overloading your sockets and avoid daisy chaining your extension cables!


Ensure items are marked ‘for outdoor use.’

Only use electrical items outdoors if they are labelled suitable to do so. And if you do use outdoor electrics for decorating, be sure they’re plugged into circuits protected by an RCD to prevent electric shock.


Don’t leave electrics unattended!

Remember to turn off any electrical decorations or open flames before leaving your home or going to bed to prevent fires.


Check before decorating

Always check electrical decorations for damage or fraying before you use them and appropriately discard any that are damaged. If you need to replace them, always purchase decorations from a reputable retailer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Keep children and pets safe

Always purchase costumes and decorations that are made from flame resistant, flame retardant or non-combustible materials and be sure that electric cords can’t be tripped over, pulled or chewed on by children or pets.


Finally, here’s a fun little video regarding electrical safety below, courtesy of Electrical Safety First. What’s better? It’s Halloween themed too!