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Electrical Safety This Christmas

Electrical Safety This Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year is it not? With warm fires and fairy lights all around, it could also be a dangerous one if not dealt with properly. Read these tips we at Electrical Estimates have compiled below to ensure you don’t get a “Nightmare Before Christmas!”


Always Inspect Lights!

Before you begin decorating the tree, ensure your fairy lights are in good working order and that no damages or frays have occurred since the year before. Exposed wiring can be incredibly dangerous, not just because of potential injury, but fires too. If you do find any damaged lights or decorations, be sure to dispose of them appropriately and replace them with licensed, genuine products instead.

To avoid damaging your electrical appliances, always store them appropriately, storing them in the boxes provided for them and ensuring they are kept clean and tidy.


Always Adhere to Manufacturer’s Instructions

Instructions are printed on packaging for a reason, and so it’s important that you follow them. Do not hang electrical decorations outside unless they are labelled “for outdoor use” and take care of the voltage of your items. Failing to do so can result in injury or in worse case scenarios, death. Don’t take the chance and handle your electrical devices appropriately.

Supervise Pets and Children

We always come back to this, but it is incredibly important for their safety. Always ensure that dangerous wiring or electrical equipment is out of reach of pets or children as, if left on the ground items can become chewed, frayed and incredibly dangerous!


Fire-Resistant Christmas Trees

Fire-resistant Christmas Trees are a great choice if you want an artificial Christmas Tree this year. This is an important extra safety precaution as sometimes electrical equipment will malfunction without probable cause, this way you can ensure your Christmas Tree does not become a beacon for spreading fire around your house.