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Covid-19 (Corona virus) Statement

Covid-19 (Corona virus) Statement

Following on from the Prime Minister’s address on the 23/03/2020 we have made the decision to close temporarily effective as of 5pm on the 24/03/2020. We understand that you as our client may have questions, hopefully the content below will provide sufficient information.

Why are you closing temporarily?

  • > To ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees above all else.
  • > To do our part to prevent further spread of COVID-19.
  • > The supply chain has become increasingly unreliable.
  • > The majority of our contracts that we are engaged in as a subcontractor have been closed or are subject to such restrictions that we are unable to undertake further works.
  • > The majority of our clients have temporarily closed.
  • > Contracts in which we have undertaken the role as main contractor are unable to continue due to subcontractors taking similar precautions as above or these contracts are subject to such restrictions from the client that we are unable to undertake further works.

What happens to the contracts which are currently underway?

  • > Any site that we control will be safely shut down, services isolated, plant and materials removed in their entirety.
  • > Any site that we control will be secured and locked up to prevent unauthorized access.
  • > Any contract to which we are subcontractors will be handled as per points 1 and 2, we will assist the main contractor in the sites safe shut down in whatever capacity we can.

Are you still available for call outs?

  • > Yes, but only under the following circumstances:
    1. It is an emergency call where the loss of essential services will impact the wellbeing of others.
    2. The call out directly impacts services for the NHS as well as the Ceredigion County Council and their continued efforts to combat COVID-19.
    3. If prior to attending site and required works satisfy our COVID-19 risk assessment.
  • > We reserve the right to refuse to attend call outs if we feel the risk out ways the clients’ needs.

How long will you be closed for?

  • > We will be reviewing our stance on our temporary closure on a week by week basis.
  • > At this point we have planned that the closure will last at least three weeks, as recommend by the UK Government.
  • > We will update you as new information arises, we may choose to extend the closure depending on government guidelines.


What about quotes and tenders still outstanding?

  • > We will be redirecting our company servers, design and quotation software to our secondary company offices; office staff and managers will now work from home.
  • > We are still aiming to submit tenders and quotations as per the current submission dates.
  • > We will prioritise tenders with the closest submission dates first. We would ask that those clients with low priority quotes be patient during this period.


We thank you for your continued support and business if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember to follow Government guidance.

It is our individual responsibility to protect the country as a whole.


Matthew Klemencic

Proprietor, electrical estimates


NEW OFFICE NUMBER07772228518 or

You can also download this statement as a PDF by clicking here.