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How Lighting can Benefit Your Business

How Lighting can Benefit Your Business

Lighting is a necessity whatever line of work you’re in; but too often it’s taken for granted, and the potential of different forms of lighting isn’t really considered. Who hasn’t spent time under a flickering strip light and yearned for something better?

We know the benefits of natural light – they make employees more productive and help to combat depression. Electrical lighting, depending on its softness or brightness, can elicit a variety of emotions; relaxation, or energy.

Different colours of light can also have an impact: a reddy-orange apparently increases appetite, so is often used in restaurants, whilst nightclubs use blue or purple to keep people awake and ready to socialise.

Here’s how different forms of lighting or lighting systems can benefit your business.

LED lighting

Studies in the US and Europe have revealed that by simply switching to LED lighting and providing a better light environment can increase work performance by at least 3%.

Further the glare, headaches and eye strain caused by fluorescent lighting are dramatically reduced by having LED lighting in the office.

LED lights also consume less than 80% of the electricity of traditional incandescent bulbs, and so can reduce your electricity bill.

Intelligent lighting systems

The use of intelligent or programmable light has boosted the operational efficiency of industrial and commercial facilities around the world. These technologies are set to become more common, with the world market revenue set to increase into the billions as a result.

What makes it special? It can be controlled from the palm of your hand via laptops and mobile phones, usage and efficiency continually monitored, lights turned on or off from hundreds of miles away.

Also, an intelligent LED lighting system can drive lighting-related energy savings of up to 90%.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting, such as spotlights and landscape lighting, has other purposes beyond aesthetics. It can create a sense of status in the eyes of your clients.

Coupled with the right furniture, good decorative lighting can speak for your business before you’ve had an opportunity to do so. What’s it saying? It’s saying that you’re a business with good taste and an eye for the importance of small details.

It’s also suggestive of professionalism. You’re not running your operations from a poky office with a broken lamp on your desk; you’re successful enough to have taken time and out consideration into the decor of your premises.

Outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting is so important, and you should be putting the same level of thought into it as you would with your business interior. There is nothing more off-putting to a potential client than a darkened shop front. Are you even open? Where’s your kerb appeal?

Thinking about light placement is important. How do clients make their way to your business? Lights should be placed in such a way as to invite them in.

Cost, of course, is always a significant factor in determining your levels of outdoor lighting, so LED lighting should be considered – they’re energy efficient, and will last longer than other types of lamps.