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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Electrical Estimates

Electrical estimates are a family owned electrical contractor based in Mid Wales with 30 years’ knowledge and experience committed to providing quality services and value.

Electrical Estimates are working towards ISO 9001 in 2017 with an external verification and auditor and are completing our action plan.

We encompass design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems, as a company we pride ourselves in a large range of accredited and dedicated services including automated doors/barriers and parking display systems, data installation, energy assessment, security access systems, Fire protection and detection to which we serve private and public sector.

We have trained qualified employees who provide the services of our organisation to meet the customers’ specified requirements, these employees receive structured CPD, PPE and equipped vehicles to ensure they can provide our services in the most professional and efficient manner.

Electrical estimates will adopt and improve processes to support and enhance client’s quality management systems.

Electrical estimates recognise to provide consistently high quality service is key to quality services for our clients, we have implemented transparent systems and programming to ensure an effective Quality Management System can be adhered to by all colleagues, as we see as vital to ensure that proper communication, programming and control of contracts and accounts records are generated for all work undertaken.

Electrical estimates pursue achieving quality standards and bench marking consistency which are capable of meeting (in all respects) the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of our customers.

We aim to continually improve the quality of service that we deliver, since it is by focusing on enhancing client satisfaction and maintaining quality long-term relationships with clients and partners that we are able to meet our aspirations. We place great importance on understanding our clients’ needs and on obtaining feedback from our clients on our performance.

It is therefore our pursuance of electrical estimates to control and conduct its business by means of a formalised system of quality management.

An appointed person within our organisation is responsible for auditing and monitoring our daily functions and management of our programs to ensure the enforcement of Quality Management System.

All electrical estimates colleagues are trained and have a clear understanding of our quality systems which is outlined in our employee handbook and associated company procedures.